Top Ten Things To Speed Your NICET Certification

  1. Be certain that all material is in your file prior to your evaluation (it is best if it’s all at NICET when you complete a test and your evaluated). This includes all information such as recommendation, work history and Work Element Verification. Any information that is lacking will cause delays.
  2. Keep your account current, renew / recertify promptly.
  3. Ask your verifier to please initial each work element separately (do not have work elements verified simply to test them, have them verified only if you have satisfied the experience requirements).
  4. Keep your employment history complete, in the required format with the details needed for NICET to clearly understand what it is that you do. (KISS = keep it short & succinct)
  5. Your employment history should show career growth, added responsibilities and duties and is not contradictory from previous applications.
  6. Your supervisor is listed in your employment history as such and is your verifier. (this is how NICET determines their eligibility to verify your work).
  7. Verifiers must be eligible, they should be shown as your immediate supervisor in your employment history, and not a peer or subordinate.
  8. Recommender(s) must be qualified ( P.E., SET, or advanced degree) and never verified your work elements. (for levels III and IV)
  9. Send a valid current personal recommendation each time you test. (for levels III and IV) (they are only valid for one year, sending one in early is fine and will help speed things along).
  10. Never write “See Previous Application”, you can refer to earlier applications for details from them and simply provide the important, relevant changes since then.

The Best Way To Speed Your Certification Is 5 Simple Words:

Read And Follow All Directions

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