Routine Maintenance and Repairs to Fire Protection Equipment

During the last several weeks, the Division of Fire Safety (Division) has received numerous inquiries from business owners, fire officials, and fire protection equipment contractors concerning fire protection equipment maintenance and repairs. During the COVID-19 epidemic, as in normal times, fire officials and fire protection equipment contractors must ensure fire protection equipment and life safety […]

Honeywell Recalls Gamewell-FCI and Notifier Photoelectric Smoke Sensors Sold with Fire Alarm Systems Due to Failure to Alert of a Fire

Recall Date: June 21, 2019 Recall Number: 19-141 Recall Summary Name of product: “-IV” Intelligent photoelectric smoke sensors sold with fire alarm systems Hazard: The photoelectric smoke sensor can malfunction and cause the fire alarm system to fail to alert occupants in commercial buildings of a fire. Remedy: Replace Consumers should immediately contact Gamewell-FCI or […]


2017-2018 Ed Reid Person of the year – Scott Nichols AHJ of the Year – Rich Silvia Company of the year – City Fire A&E of the Yr. – Dan Hawkins, P.E. Life Time Achievement – Ed Armm, SET 2016-2017 Ed Reid Person of the Year – Rich Ravaioli AHJ- of the Year – John […]

New York City Updates

2008 and 2011 Code – On-line Updates are Live as well as current updates The one year amnesty period for porting over from the 1968 to the 2008 Building Codes over! NY City is not using the amended the 2008 Code. These amendments are posted on line, these changes and amendments are available using the […]

NY State Spklr Law Shot Down

NY Gov has the courage to fight unions and kill a bad bill life safety is more important! VETO MESSAGE – No. 129 TO THE ASSEMBLY: I am returning herewith, without my approval, the following bill: Assembly Bill Number 6209 entitled: “An Act to amend the labor law, in relation to the supervision of fire […]