Home Fire Sprinkler System Guidance Document

Today the State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs, Division of Codes and Standards issued a guidance document to code officials with regards to home fire sprinkler systems.

Essentially the guidance document utilizes the language of the 2009 Model International Residential Code (IRC) recognizing the use of NFPA-13D or IRC P2904 Fire Sprinkler systems in one and two family dwellings of unprotected wood frame construction up to three stories in height and of unlimited area. It allows code officials to recognize the provisions of the 2009 IRC Model Code for the purpose of granting variations.

This is a significant step forward in promoting home fire sprinkler systems in New Jersey.

The guidance document in its entirety can be found here (PDF).


John Drucker
Assistant Construction Official
Fire Subcode Official
Building/Fire/Electrical Inspector
Borough of Red Bank, New Jersey
Fire Protection Subcode Committee Member NJDCA Codes and Standards

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