2019/20 Meeting Schedule

General Dinner Meetings:  Board Meeting 4-5:30pm Cash Bar 5:30-6 pm Meeting/Speaker 6-8 pm

Board Meetings – 4:30pm at ACT’s Office in Wharton or other locations as noted

Sept 12, 2019 General   Annual Elections and Business Meeting Program Tim Knisley- AFAA Training Manager and Former AHJ- How to work with AHJ’s on Plan Reviews  
Oct 17, 2019   Board Meeting at Metro Fire & Communications, Bloomfield  
Nov 21, 2019 General 3rd Annual AFAANJ Awards dinner Program- TBA  
Dec 19, 2019   Board Meeting- TBA  
Jan 23, 2020   Board Meeting at ACT’s Office  
Feb 20, 2020 General   Program– NJ State Fire Marshall- Richard Mikutsky  
March 19 2020   Board Meeting at ACT’s Office  
April 22, 2020 11th Annual NJSFPE/AFAANJ Symposium and Trade Show
May 4-7 2020   AFAA National Meeting and Code Conference-Hilton Pointe Tapatio Phoenix AZ
May 19, 2020 General   Program– TBA  
  June 11, 2020   Board Meeting at Survivor Fire & Safety, Cranford  
June 15-18, 2020 NFPA Code Conference –Orlando, FL  
July/Aug-TBA Board Annual Planning Meeting

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