Use the pull down menu to view classes and seminars, additional seminars will be added as need dictates.

AFAA NJ seminars will have their own pull down, other offerings will be listed together as space allows.


There is currently info about the New Jersey SFPE meetings, it’s not expensive to join and it helps add up your CPD’s.  There is a one hour technical presentation at each meeting and an all day Spring Technical Seminar.  There is a list of the NFPA Seminars that will be in the New Jersey area and finally a link to NAFED who provides the training for Pre-Engineered Kitchen Hood Systems and Hand Held Extinguishers for those with “All Permits”.


We can only offer what YOU ask for. Contact your Board of Directors; tell us what you feel will best serve you and your staff. Any classes offered by National can be held here, in NJ or if your company is large enough at your site. Please go to the National site using the link on our home page, if you see anything you think will help you and your employees contact your AFAA NJ Board of Directors.


We will try to keep updated links and information on training programs offered by your AFAA of NJ, the National AFAA, other organizations such as SFPE, NJBFAA, NFPA, FSSA, NJ NAFED, ASCET and our New York and Pennsylvania sister chapters.



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