SENATE, No. 548

If you’re not aware there was a law that died some years ago that would have mandated that most anyone that touched or tested an automatic sprinkler or clean agent suppression system be a Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter. Your AFAANJ fought this bill; however, there are whispers it is back with a new name. The AFAANJ has legislative committee members on both the Division of Consumer Safety and Division of Consumer Affairs councils.

The bill was originally Senate Bill S1667, however, it was changed to S2176 and is now SENATE, No. 548. An add hoc committee was formed to fight this legislation, the committee was made up of the NJ chapters of AFAA, SFPE, FSSA, AFAS, NFSA, NJ NAFED, distribution and other related life safety organizations. We can not continue our work without support from the industry, remember, if you think we can help you or if you think you can help us please become a member of AFAANJ

We need strength in numbers to take the fight to Trenton, now go out and get your 2½ pound ABC extinguisher for the cooking fire in your kitchen.

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