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 Upcoming Seminars for 2012 - 2013

 AFAANJ needs member input to probvide topical training!


 Who else:

 Bob Shoremount of the Strandberg Consulting Group offers numerous training courses,   first and foremost he offers Dept. of Consumer Affairs mandated training, secondly he   offers business and other training
 Bob can be reached at 908-637-8557 has launched! Register now to have visibility and access to new NJ Approved CEU courses for fire alarm, burglar alarm and locksmith licensees.



 Click Here for latest training in PA



The New Jersey Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers meets the first Monday of each month excluding July and August.  Membership is only $20.00 per year and dinner meetings $30.00.

Each meeting starts with a Social Hour: cash bar at 5:00 PM followed at 6:00 with our meeting and a one-hour seminar.  We are very lucky in NJ to have members that are some of the leading authorities in the field of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Risk Analysis and other life safety related technical topics.  The NJ SFPE tries to have one field trip each year. Attendance at these meetings as well as membership provides CPD’s for your NICET Certification or NJ DCA Permits.  The NJ SFPE holds a one-day technical seminar and trade show each spring.

Contact:                                                            Meetings are held at the:

Vicki Serafin, Affiliated FM                                  Hanover Manor 

<ST1:ST1:STREET w:st="on"><ST1:ST1:ADDRESS w:st="on">400 Interpace Parkway, Bldg. C - 3rd Floor       <ST1:ST1:STREET w:st="on"><ST1:ST1:ADDRESS w:st="on">6 Eagle Rock Avenue

Parsippany, NJ 07054-1196                              East Hanover, NJ

Phone 973-541-6771 FAX 973-541-6909          Click for Map








Certified Fire Protection Specialist

As a fire protection professional you shoulder tremendous responsibility in curtailing physical and financial loss due to fire. The CFPS credential serves as a distinguished mark of achievement within the field of fire protection. The CFPS examination relies on the comprehensive 2-volume, 200-chapter NFPA Fire Protection Handbook as its body of knowledge. If you are serious about your career in fire protection, you need to be familiar with the Fire Protection Handbook. This primer course will help you become more proficient with the handbook, saving you time while looking up vital information.

Click here to go the the NFPA for additional information.

New Jersey NJAFED


This training is a must for those with 'All' Permits or simply Portable Fire Extinguisher and or Pre-Engineered Kitchen System Permits. There is a link to NJAFED on our home page.


No current training offerings have been brought to our attention


A link to the NJAFED and NAFED page can be found on our home page.



A little about NAFED:



The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) (New Jersey chapter NJAFED) was established in 1963 with the mission of continuously improving the economic environment, business performance, and technical competence in the fire protection industry.

Their founders had certain practical goals in mind. As they managed their businesses and looked for new ways to improve and grow, they noticed that some things were missing: 

  • Where could they learn more about servicing new types of extinguishers?
  • How could individual companies provide input into the structuring of national codes and standards?
  • Where could they buy discounted recharge tags?
  • Who had the answers to technical questions?
  • Who could assist in training new employees?

Today, their association continues to operate with that guiding mission and the principal objective of gathering and disseminating information and ideas that will improve the world's fire protection and increase the fire protection industry's competence.


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