Update for New York City


2008 and 2011 Code - On-line Updates are Live as well as current updates


The one year amnesty period for porting over from the 1968 to the 2008 Building Codes over! NY City is not using the amended the 2008 Code.

These amendments are posted on line, these changes and amendments are available using the link for the PDF version below. The newly launched Building Code Revisions section provides a digital version of the code, as well as a section of Administrative updates.

The updates are available for download as pdfs, while the remainder of the code is read only.

Below is link to a chapter-by-chapter outline of the new NYC Construction Codes, with chapter updates made after July 1, 2008 from enacted local laws and administrative corrections. Chapters can be viewed in read-only format on-line. For changes you must click for the PDF version, scroll down the left side of the page to Appendix Q, select that and when the page opens again scroll down the left side and once again select appendix Q. 


NFPA 13, 13D 13R and 72 all are now the 2002 edition
NFPA 14 is the 2003 edition

Please visit this site frequently to be sure your Construction Codes books remain updated.  Construction Codes books are available at NY City Store.

For additional NY City Code information see the NY Fire Alarm Association's web site click here for the nyFAA 

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