AFAA Resolution on Certification


        Whereas the Code of Ethics of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) encourages all members to support and participate in education



        Whereas members are committed to follow nationally recognized Codes and Standards



        Whereas the Automatic Fire Alarm Association “Strives for high standards of performance and professional competence”



        Whereas reliable operation of fire alarm systems begins with proper design and application



        Whereas independent evaluation of knowledge and experience can best be accomplished with integrity by third and independent parties lacking financial interests




        All newly hired sales persons and technicians become duly certified at NICET Level I not later than 18 months thereafter


        Presently employed sales persons and technicians who have two years experience or more become duly certified at NICET Level II not later than three years hence


        All application engineers or specialists, supervising technicians and project managers who have attained the NICET required experience, become duly certified at NICET Level III


        Each company or independent division associated with fire alarm systems strive to employ at least one NICET Level IV person


Adopted by unanimous vote this 23rd day of May 1993 by the Officers and the Board of Directors of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association


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